Isumi Shimisaki cho Ebado - Japanese Home For Sale By Owner
The Isumi Beach Bungalow - Isumi, Chiba, Japan

FOR SALE - 8.8 Million Yen

Contact: Bradley Bartz - 03-4578-9370 -


This Amazing property sits 1.5 hours door to door from Tokyo Station by local express train Wakashio. The virtually private neighborhood has a colleciton of cute cottages and homes that are occupied full-time and seasonally.

The home features a 10 tatami-mat bedreoom upstairs with an incredible Ocean View. The soft wood and tatami makes for excellent afternoon naps with the gengle sound of the ocean waves in the background.

Pick up your surfboard and walk out your back gate and you are on the beach of an inland sea and estuary.

Just to the South is a wild-bird preserve so the daily happenings of flying creatures is its own entertainment.

  • Land 148 Tsubo (44.77 square meters)
  • Building is ~25 square meters
  • Subdivision of Buckwheat Sea Irie (Baby Eels)
  • Ocean View! From second floor and Garden
  • Recommended as Besso (Second House)
  • Play In the Ocean! Umiasobi! !
  • Parking!
  • New Floors and reconditioned
  • Fabulous Garden with on-demand Ocean View!
  • Full Service Community - Internet, Gas, Markets, Clubs, Yakitori and freshly caught sushi!
    The city of Isumi, Chiba Prefecture is an oasis of kilometers and kilometers of open Pacific Ocean Beaches. The Isumi river is a local meeting place with picknicks and jet skis. The surfers love to challenge the breakers as they come in the Isumi river channel.

    At any given time you can find a wide variety of outdoor and peaceful activities in Isumi and right in your new backyard!
    The ings! Yes, the INGS!

    Biking, Walking, Surfing, Fishing, Golfing, Fxcxing, and such.

    Isumi has it all and each can be had easily in one glorious day. Or sipped like a fine wine while you focus on one activitty at a time and become a surfing champion!
    The roof, windows and storm windows have all been checked and we are painting them for beauty and care. New wood floors have been installed downstairs.

    We love our Beach Bungalow and we know you will too.


    The Isumi Community
    A Photo Collection

    Just and hour & half from Tokyo Station door-to-door. Getting to the Tokyo train to leave the city is always exciting and busy. The comfortable seats of the Wakahio allow a quick decompression once you hit this pad.

    The train starts past the dark grey concreete of Tokyo. The train rolls on and about 45 minutes in the concrete gives way to green and nature. The smile on your face is now noticable and your ice cold beer just tatse so good.

    Soon you will arrive in paradise.